Post PAX West 2017!

I had a great time at PAX West 2017 this year. I was in panels, enforced, cosplayed, met wonderful people new and old, and checked out a bunch of games. Here are some of my thoughts and highlights!


I spent all 4 days in cosplay, which did remind me how exhausting that can be (next time I should really stick to my rule of one new cosplay a convention and one day not in cosplay). Ah well! They both turned out great!

The Supergaint team remains one of the nicest groups of people I know, and probably contributes to my positive feelings towards the company, I got some great pictures with another group of Pyre cosplayers, and gifted them a Ti’Zo plush with tiny book.

I am now trying to convince myself that I can’t cosplay all their characters on my own. I also had a wonderful photoshoot, which you can look forward to pictures coming soon!

Running around (ok, walking slowly in heels) as Urbosa was so much fun. I met a number of other awesome Breath of the Wild cosplay and grabbed selfies! SNAP!

I have a photo shoot for the cosplay scheduled soon, so many more awesome images will be incoming.


This was a year of many panels, I ended up on three panels, and I will be honest I was surprised so many were accepted. The first was on creating emotionally engaging table top RPGs, which filled up a very large panel room to all of our surprise. It was so fun to talk about RPGs with three other awesome and nerdy ladies, and here people really be interested in creating emotional and real RPG experiences.

The next was on GMing for live performance, we shared our experiences with telling stories, building narratives, negotiating rules and much more. You can expect a write up on the panel coming soon!

And lastly, I was able to do the panel on Accessibility in Table Top Games which remains one of the more important panels I think I have coordinated. That panel write up will also be coming to the blog!


I saw (and played) a number of interesting looking new indie games, I recommend checking these out:

Monster Prom – competitive dating sim where you are all monsters in a high school, as Claudia described it; Mario party with dating and monsters.

Griftlands – Turn based RPG set in space, with cool looking aliens. It has a very Titan AE or Treasure Planet aesthetic and game play that reminded me a bit of Child of Light.

Where the Water Tastes like Wine – a game about collecting and trading stories while wandering the US during the great depression. Lovey art and voice work.

Eco – a cooperative building game where you also have to monitor the environment while developing new technology. i am very excited to see how this game can be applied to a classroom setting!

Sparkle Kitty – a table top game that plays a little like Uno, but involves princesses and saying magic spells.


I also was able to attend a panel with Representative Pramila Jayapala, who I am honored to say is my representative in Seattle and is doing some very important work. The panel was an interesting conversation, and to me felt like a reminder that as gamers, and people with online communities we have reach very far beyond out own IRL social circles. I may have a representative in DC who I feel is fighting for the right causes, but not everyone does. The panel felt like a good call to action, to remind me that I can stand up and reach out and use my voice, I can engage with politicians and my community on causes that matter to me.

Plus, best cosplay selfie.