Hi! I am a costume designer and cosplayer. I have been sewing, crafting and designing since I was old enough to be trusted with a needle and thread. I love the challenge of designing something new, as well as creating accurate a replica of an existing costume. Not to mention coming up with novel solutions to strange problems! I approach every project as a chance to learn new skills and enhance existing ones.

When I am not working on my next sewing project I can be found geeking out in Seattle, or at one of my other passions: Improv theatre, capoeira, teaching and friendship.

Anyway, for your pleasure here are some fun (possibly true) facts about me:

  • The top song on my iTunes playlist is "I won't say I'm in love", the next nine are all musicals and Disney.
  • If I could have a super power it would be telekinesis, partly because this comes with the bonus of flight.
  • I am an international secret agent
  • I can't spell to save my life