A Summary and a Look Forwards

In many ways 2017 wasn’t a good or happy year. My ever present anxiety certainly didn’t a rest, the constant fear of the world ending has been pretty strong, and from a political and social stand point I am not sure how optimistic I am for 2018.

For me personally, however, it’s hard to argue with how great 2017 was. So I want to look back on it, to recount what went well and thank those who have been part of making all of this happen. And then to project forward to what I hope 2018 will hold for me.


I am so proud of the cosplays I made in 2017: Breathe, Lady Urbosa, Bae, and Alana the Lioness. I learned how to make chainmaile, recreated a Hollywood dress without a Hollywood budget, worked on my armor skills and made a cosplay in less time than I though possible. I am so happy to have created a number of my favorite characters new and old!

In 2018 I hope to make more cosplay, more cosplay resources and help other craft and create. I already plan on making Diana from Little Witch Academia and Mina Han from Battle Chef Brigade. Along with many more!!!

The Legion

The finest fleet of airship pirates to ever sail the skies of twitch has grown! We crushed goals this year, unlocked new emotes, upgraded my set up, raised money for charity and continued to be a community I am so proud of. I am incredibly grateful for each and every community member who has supported me through Twitch and Patreon, thank you for everyone who participated in the Legion in every way that they did. I never thought I could help create a corner of the internet where people can be themselves, be accepted, and have fun. I am proud and honored.

In 2018 I will be starting full time content creation, expanding video resources, patterns, and a few more blog posts. I would not be able to do this without continued support.


This was a roller-coaster. We wrapped 18 months of Shadowrun: Corporate SINs, I ran a miniseries Skywatch and opened another long term show Leviathan: Distant Stars on Geek Space TV. For each of these I have a phenomenal group of players, and a wonderful an engaged community full of fabulous fan art! It still amazes me that people want to watch and enjoy a world that I have many and a story that I want to tell. Oh and Celestial Rangers! Not to mention GMing shows on Roll20RolePlay and Roll4It (I sense a trend).

As a player I have had the pleasure of playing Imogen on Layla the Vampire Slayer, which has been such a fun and dramatic (in all the right ways) show to be a part of. As well as shorter stints including High School Royal, GM’d by one of the best people JakiDash.


I won’t divulge to much, but this year has been a good year with friends, playing RPGs finishing games like Pandemic Legacy, so much Overwatch. I am honored by the people who choose to spend time with me, including Birbmate <3.

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