They Stayed True: Bae and the Reader Cosplay

I. Love. Supergiant Games. Games.

Truly I wholeheartedly recommend playing their games, Transistor, Pyre and Bastion are all delightful, and though they share artist elements, they remain distinct games with unique worlds, settings and characters. I love the design of their games and have enjoyed that with each game they have tried something new with their mechanics. Ok, enough waxing poetic.

I had a hard time deciding on which character to cosplay from Pyre, I fell in love with so many during my play through. I was torn between Jodariel, Pamitha, Bae and a few others. Not to mention which version of their costume I should make. In the end I settled on Bae in mostly because it was the simplest costume of the group to make, and I was already working on Urbosa for PAX. There is a very good chance I will come back to another Pyre cosplay!

I was joined by SourFruitJunkie, who volunteered to make the book, and in return I also made her cloak (check out the pattern).

Thanks to Mogren for the photos!

For resources and information on how to make your own Bae cosplay check out my video and blog post!

Available as a wallpaper on mt Patreon

Available as a print in my store.






More on flickr.

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